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Lol, from a Republicans view

Well, I'm Republican, and I'm patriotic. I belive in fairness and I'd like to congradulate President Obama and the Democrats. Enjoy your victory and see you in 2012 =)

The thing I like about this flash is it is pretty much true. People kept their faith in Obama despite others beliefs that he is a socialist or muslim. I admit some people in this country can anger me, but it's good to see they can stand by and believe with someone.

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Truly is awesome

The thing I like about this one is that it's probably the cleanest Awesome flash, this and i think the one with the doctor defusing the bomb (I forgot the title)

It's just cool to see that you can be funny without all the loud cursing, which is also funny in Metal Gear Awesome and the other ones.

Love your flashes and I look forward to this DVD.

Good animation..

animation is good and the sync is good, but I think thats about it.

If you honestly think that taking down the government is going to help anybody then you might want to think again. Why would I hate my own government? They protect us to keep us free. When most of the world is the way it is you shouldn't bitch about anything the government does unless they take away rights or get EXTREMLEY close to it. Speaking of rights, the character in the movie seemed to be a bit of an asshole, using his right to free speech and assembly, just so he can go ahead and overthrow the people who give you that right. And the whole thing about fighting the establishment physically... the only time that's necessary is if the government, again, is taking away your rights as a US citizen.

So, yea. You can go ahead and believe what you want to believe because that's what we're allowed to do here. -respect-

cyberen responds:

"Protect us to keep us free"
protect? Free? Good golly, where have you been for the past 8 years? Is it "protecting" when our armies invade foreign countries and is it "free" when someone can be accused of being a "terrorist" and hauled away to some torture camp without so much as a phone call. USA Patriot act anyone?

haha Im American and found it funny.

No reason to be pissed off, you've made fun of every single nationality. Pretty funny. lol @ fat hitler

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

Hitler didn't visit all the countries. :P


The music in Super Mario Glaxy does kick ass. I was worried I was the only one who thought that but guess not :D

Really funny and everytime they questioned something I remembered thinking the same question while playing the game. 10/10 5/5


Quality is awsome and the humour is great, just a little longer and it'll be perfect

lol PotC pwns

This was pretty funny. Ive always liked the PotC Movies. This was a well done spoof of it.


This is like the perfect flash movie, the best part is it's like you chose characters everyone would love. If you did a sprite movie ud get some "AWSOME"'s and ud get some "It's good but I d'nt like Sprites" If you did Sticks, youd get some "Awsomes!" and you'd get "Ughh Sticks, so old" and if you did made up characters ud get some "awsomes!" and some "Meh your characters could use a little bit more development" but you chose a Newgrounds tank guy, and because everyone here surley likes Newgounds (it'd be weird if a member ddnt) You dnt get any crap like "I hate sprites" or "I hate sticks" or "I don't like ur characters design/development" So your flashes are hilarious, original and this one deserves the 4.7 it had. "You shoulda used the Pythagorian Therom... BITCH! -shank-" lol priceless XD

ummm, ok

its sad yes, prbly the 2nd saddest cat vidoe ive seen (I saw a video where this guy was making a movie and he drowned a kitten, saddes thing ive ever seen in my life i regret ever watching it, the kittens struggling to break free and it just dies ), and ur flash is good i guess, but just because its a true story doesnt mean its a great flash, a little bit of animation wouldn't hurt. I'm not mean, I'm not a cock, and I understand that "It's a true and touching story."

catbrush responds:

I really didn't want to hear that. ='(

Grow Your Hair Back Out!

awsome klaymation, sound should get an 12/10 cus ur new mic is amazing

PS. on ur forums ur avi show u got a slight haircut, GROW IT OUT AGAIN!

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